Aberdeen green spaces

[Johnston Gardens - a riot of colour in the summer months]

Picture Aberdeen and most people probably think of the grey buildings which give the place its nickname, "Granite City". However, Scotland's third largest settlement has a number of colourful parks and gardens if you know where to look. Size certainly isn't everything in Aberdeen: Johnston Gardens is the smallest in the list below, but in our opinion the most beautiful. Right in the centre, Union Terrace Gardens doesn't make it onto the list but might be worth a stroll if you're nearby.

[Flowers braving the snow in Seaton Park (22/11/08)]

📌 Duthie Park ★☆☆
Description: Spacious park with scenic ponds and excellent winter gardens inside glasshouses.
Location: Polmuir Road, a mile south of the centre, G.R.: NJ 941043 ///crowds.honest.remedy
Open (2018): Daily
Cost: Free

📌 Hazlehead Park ★☆☆
Description: Aberdeen's biggest park (though probably not its most beautiful) on the outskirts of the city; gardens, petting zoo, maze and plenty of space to walk.
Location: Hazlehead Avenue, 4 miles west of the centre, G.R.: NJ 892054 ///animal.tell.lively
Open (2018): Daily
Cost: Free (small charges for zoo and maze)

📌 Johnston Gardens ★☆☆
Description: A stunning, secret gem of a garden in the city's wealthy western suburbs, full of water features, rock gardens and ducks.
Location: Viewfield Road, 2 miles west of the centre, G.R.: NJ 912050 ///bliss.dice.teach
Open (2018): Daily
Cost: Free

📌 Seaton Park ★☆☆
Description: Large park on the banks of the Don, with excellent floral displays, walled garden and play areas.
Location: Don Street, 2 miles north of the centre, G.R.: NJ 941090 ///lawn.placed.invest
Open: Always
Cost: Free

[Seaton Park (8/2/09)]


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