Surrounded by rough cliffs and unpredictable shifting sands, Collieston was established as a fishing village in the 15th century as one of the few safe harbours for miles around. After a successful centuries, fishing declined as business moved to Peterhead, leaving a peaceful village well worth looking around - mainly for the attractive location and coastal views. Walk south from here and you'll enter Forvie National Nature Reserve. This vast expanse of dune systems engulfed an entire village in the 1600's; only the church remains visible, long ruined and half submerged by the sand.

[Hackley Bay, Forvie NNR (January 2012)]

Name: Collieston ☆☆☆
Location: G.R.: NK 041286 / nests dairy centrally

>> see separate post for Walk: Drowned by dunes at Forvie NNR ★☆☆

[Dunes at Forvie NNR (January 2013)]


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