[Glamis Castle]

Glamis Castle is one of Scotland's most inspiring castles: an iconic, family-owned Scottish residence in which The Queen Mother spent much of her early life. The jumble of turrets and central tower are an impressive sight as you approach along the entrance road, through extensive grounds which are also worth exploring if the weather's good. The highlight, of course, is a tour of the castle itself. Photographs weren't allowed on our visits, but a quick glance at the castle's website will tell you what to expect: a perfect balance between grandeur, defence and warmth. Glamis itself is quite a pretty village, and there's one other part in particular that's worth seeking out: an row of old cottages on the lane to the church has been converted into a wonderful folk museum.

[Angus Folk Museum (May 2014)]

Name: Angus Folk Museum ☆☆☆
Description: Excellent folk museum dedicated to rural and farming life over the past 200 years.
Location: Kirkwynd, Glamis, G.R.: NO 385468 / friends lifelong acclaimed
Open (2017): Currently closed for structural work.
Cost (2017): £6.50 (adults), £5 (children), free for National Trust for Scotland members

Name: Glamis Castle ★★★
Description: (Largely) 17th century castle belonging to the Lyon family, where The Queen Mother spent her early years.
Location: North side of Glamis, G.R.: NO 386480 / plant vessel rocked
Open (2017): Daily, April to late October
Cost (2017): £12.50 (adults), £9 (children)

[Highland cows at Glamis Castle]


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