Brown & White Caterthuns

[View from the White Caterthun]

The Brown and White Caterthuns are two ancient hill forts occupying neighboring summits either side of a minor pass through the Cairngorm foothills. Both have impressive earthworks, large earth or stone ramparts and excellent views from the top - and both are at least 2,000 years old. The White Caterthun is the best of the pair, so leave this til last. And bring waterproof boots after wet weather.

[White Caterthun]

📌 Brown and White Caterthuns ☆☆☆
Location (car park): Minor road 4 miles south-west of Edzell, G.R.: NO 552661 ///insects.shun.hillside
Open (2018): April to October according to website (they're unstaffed, so why?), but perhaps actually always open...
Cost: Free
Anything else? Brown Caterthun is up a wet path to the north-east of the road (a mile return). White Caterthun is up a slightly steeper but drier path to the west of the road (half a mile return).

[Bird in the hand cloud formation above the Caterthuns]


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