Lin's Mill Aqueduct

[Lin's Mill Aqueduct]

Midway between Edinburgh and Livingston the Union Canal comes up against an awkward topographical barrier in the form of an abrupt gorge, where the River Almond has carved deep into surrounding Lothian farmland. Lin's Mill Aqueduct was constructed in the early 1820's to surmount this obstacle, helping complete the navigable link by water between the capital and Falkirk. You don't need a canal boat to experience the excellent views down to the river 76 feet below - there's a convenient car park at the eastern end of the aqueduct.

[River Almond]

📌 Lin's Mill Aqueduct ☆☆☆
Location: Off minor road 2 miles southwest of Newbridge, G.R.: NT 105706 ///attitudes.spots.hides
Open: Always
Cost: Free


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