Walk: Arthur's Seat - view from the high chair

[View over Salisbury Crags towards Edinburgh Castle]

Amidst a capital city already extraordinary for its history and man-made tourist attractions, Arthur's Seat is Edinburgh's crowning glory. The summit is the highest point of the city's seven hills and dominates the skyline however you arrive in Edinburgh, be it by air, road or rail. The rocky summit and neighboring Salisbury Crags are, like the hill on which Edinburgh Castle stands, the remains of an ancient volcano. Today the whole area is within the boundaries of Holyrood Park. This circular route takes in the crags and summit with superb views, as well as the park's northernmost loch and even the remains of a 14th century chapel. You'll need something other than your city street shoes - although technically this is still a walk in the park, it's certainly not your average one. Allow a few hours for the whole circuit and remember it's a hill climb. As several local TripAdvisor reviews sarcastically point out, there's definitely no café at the top... (Nor is there a seat, despite the hill's name...)

[Summit view over Edinburgh suburbs]

📌 Walk: Arthur's Seat - view from the high chair ★★☆
▶ 5 km / 3 miles | ▲ 280 metres | ⌚ Half day walk
Main summits: Arthur's Seat (251 metres, sub-2000')
Points of interest: Holyrood Park; St Anthony's Chapel; Salisbury Crags; St Margaret's Loch
Start / finish: Car park (with charge at specific times) on Queen's Drive, 15-min walk east of Edinburgh Waverley station, G.R.: NT 270737 ///magma.bulb.added

Route: Car park - enter Holyrood Park - detour there & back to St Anthony's Chapel - Salisbury Crags - Arthur's Seat - Whinny Hill - St Margaret's Loch - start
Terrain: Clear paths with muddy patches; very steep in places, and rocky near the summit.
Wildlife today: Ducks and geese on St Margaret's Loch.
Weather today: Sunny with light winds, temperatures in single figures.

[View east over Dunsapie Loch and east Edinburgh]

Route credit: Walkhighlands (modified)


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