Banff & Macduff

[Macduff harbour]

These two rival towns a quite different despite their proximity to one another, sitting either side of the turbulent River Deveron. To the west, Banff feels the slightly the more polished and bigger of the two settlements, boasting a reasonable array of shops, golf club and the ornate Georgian mansion of Duff House. But Macduff to the east seems more charming somehow: it has a more obvious connection to the sea, with a main road that hugs the waterfront and a larger harbour. It's also the slightly unlikely location for an excellent aquarium. There's a great view of both towns from Macduff Parish Church on Church Street. Neither place is at all touristy, which is quite refreshing in comparison to some of the fishing villages further west.

[Duff House, Banff]

Name: Banff ☆☆☆
Location (Town Hall): G.R.: NJ 690640 / d///

Name: Macduff ☆☆☆
Location (harbour): G.R.:NJ 704648 ///backyards.landscape.supporter

Within walking distance

Name: Duff House ☆☆☆
Description: Elegant Georgian house designed by William Adam in the early 18th century, housing a range of art exhibitions and furniture.
Location: 10-minute walk south of Banff centre, NJ 691633 ///dolly.famed.sublime
Open (2018): Daily, April to October; Thurday to Sunday, November to March
Cost (2018): £7.50 (adults), £4.50 (children), free for Historic Environment Scotland members

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[Banff harbour]


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