[Elgin Cathedral]

Entering Elgin on one of its main roads doesn't really the first-time visitor the most favourable of impressions. Especially from the east, a series of scruffy retail parks and light industry makes it tempting to carry on through without stopping. Fortunately things improve if you venture off the main roads. An attractive town centre lies hidden away just to the south of the A96 with a pedestrianised High Street dominated by the Greek-style St Giles' Church; our go-to restaurant here is Scribbles (an excellent independent pizzeria with a massive menu). Away to the north is the huge site of Elgin Cathedral: now very much ruined but still emanating grandeur eight hundred years after construction. On the western outskirts of town beyond the Duke of Gordon Monument is Glen Moray Distillery, part of Scotland's Malt Whisky Trail. This is a bit of a walk if you don't have a car, but worth it for the excellent tour.

[Stillhouse at Glen Moray Distillery]

📌 Elgin ☆☆☆
Location: G.R.: NJ 216628 ///duke.emerge.dining

Within walking distance

📌 Duke of Gordon Monument ☆☆☆
Description: Columnular monument on a grassy hilltop overlooking the middle of town; also the former site of Elgin Castle.
Location: Above the A96 portion of the High Street, 5-min walk west from the centre, G.R.: NJ 212628 ///pulse.shop.skip
Open: Always
Cost: Free
Anything else? Access by steep steps from the A96 to the south.

📌 Elgin Cathedral ★☆☆
Description: Impressive 13th century ruin, former main church of the Bishops of Moray; nice riverside park adjacent.
Location: King Street, 5-min walk east from the centre, G.R.: NJ 221630 ///others.arrow.likes
Open (2019): Daily
Cost (2019): £7.50 (adults), £4.50 (children), free for Historic Environment Scotland members

>> Glen Moray Distillery ★★☆


>> Spynie Palace ☆☆☆ (3 miles away)

[Elgin Cathedral]


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