McCaig's Tower

[McCaig's Tower (left) behind Oban Distillery]

On a clear evening as the sun sets on Oban Bay, time seems to stand still at McCaig's Tower. This circular folly is the busier of two exquisite vantage points for Oban (the other being Pulpit Hill), with daytime ferries plying to and fro between the harbour and the maze of islands making up the western seaboard. The tower itself was commissioned by a wealthy banker in 1897, built to commemorate his family and give work to local stonemasons. In the end it was never completed, leaving an empty shell with no real purpose except as a prominent component of Oban's skyline, well worth the steep uphill climb from the centre of town.

[View over Oban Bay from the tower at sunset (September 2013)]

Name: McCaig's Tower ★★☆☆
Location: Duncraggan Road, 10-min uphill walk north-east of Oban centre, G.R.: NM 861302 ///internet.perch.uplifting
Open: Always
Cost: Free

[View of the tower from the pier (May 2017)]

[McCaig's Tower (September 2013)]

[Summer sunset from the tower (July 2017)]

[Daytime view (September 2013)]


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