Walk: Kilmartin Glen - trip back in time

[Temple Wood Stone Circle]

Kilmartin Glen is often described as an open-air museum, and the best way to explore many of its main Neolithic and Bronze Age sites is by walking from Kilmartin village. Most immediately obvious is the spectacular linear chain of burial cairns stretching down the glen, but stone circles and standing stones also form part of the package, plus rock carvings in the wider area. Start by visiting the Kilmartin Stones and also the village museum for a good overview of the region, then work your way south and prepare to be amazed by the sheer number of sites. Allow a few hours for the places on this route; if you're hungry for more then there are plenty of other sites nearby, many looked after by Historic Environment Scotland.

[View north along the linear cairns from Nether Largie Mid Cairn]

Name: Walk: Kilmartin Glen - trip back in time ★☆☆
Length: 7 km / 4 miles
Ascent: 30 metres
Points of interest: Kilmartin Stones; Kilmartin Museum; Glebe Cairn; Nether Largie Cairns; Nether Largie Standing Stones; Ri Cruin Cairn; Temple Wood Stone Circle
Start / finish: Car park outside Kilmartin Church, G.R.: NR 835988 ///assembles.play.rings

Route: Described below.
Terrain: Minor roads, tracks and good paths - flat.
Wildlife today: Sheep in the fields; cows watching on at Ri Cruin Cairn.
Weather today: Warm with sunshine and areas of cloud, light winds.

[Kilmartin Museum]

Walk directions & attractions

Start by heading into the church graveyard.

>> see separate post for Kilmartin Stones ☆☆☆

The museum is next door to the church.

>> see separate post for Kilmartin Museum ☆☆☆

Walk north along the road and take a signposted track on the left just after a garage. As it curves right, fork left onto a path to join a track heading south, with the cairn soon accessible via a footbridge on the left.

>> see separate post for Glebe Cairn ☆☆☆

Continue south on the main track.

>> see separate post for Nether Largie North Cairn ★☆☆

Continue a little further on the track.

>> see separate post for Nether Largie Mid Cairn ☆☆☆

Carry on south along the track, passing a school onto a tarmac road beyond and straight ahead.

>> see separate post for Nether Largie South Cairn ☆☆☆

From the cairn, head south-east towards woodland then south on a path alongside the trees.

>> see separate post for Nether Largie Standing Stones ☆☆☆

Head briefly east (left) from the stones to reach the B8025. Head right (south), then right on the first minor road towards Ri Cruin house. Just before the house, turn left onto a path.

>> see separate post for Ri Cruin Cairn ☆☆☆

Return to the road, turn left (north-west) before taking the first road on the right (with a cycle route sign) for a further few hundred metres.

>> see separate post for Temple Wood Stone Circle(s) ☆☆☆

Continue on the road, soon reaching the outward route near the school. Return by the outward route.

[Sliding open the access hatch at Nether Largie North Cairn]

Route credit: Walkhighlands


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