Walk: Tolmount by Jock's Road - not Doll at all

[Loch Esk from Crow Craigies]

Sometimes walks are all about the journey rather than the destination, and so it is for this circuit from Glen Clova. Tolmount is the high point but this lumpy Munro will never win any prizes for scenic drama, looking no more than a minor bulge from the approach. The approach along historic Jock's Road through Glen Doll more than makes up for the 958-metre anticlimax though: an excellent path threading its way up onto the moors amidst stunning, craggy walls - just as impressive as nearby Corrie Fee but  much quieter. On return, the valley carved by the South Esk (and presumably also a glacier) is equally wonderful, characterised first by long flumes where the burn flows over rocky outcrops, then opening out as you round a spur to reveal lush grassland stretching away to the distant Glen Clova forests.

[Approaching Davy's Bourach on Jock's Road above Glen Doll]

📌 Walk: Tolmount by Jock's Road - not Doll at all ★☆☆
▶ 23 km / 14 miles | ▲ 790 metres | ⌚ Full day walk
Main summits: Crow Craigies (920 metres); Tolmount (958 metres, Munro)
Points of interest: Glen Doll; Jock's Road; Davy's Bourach; River South Esk
Start / finish: Car park (with charge) at the head of Glen Clova, G.R.: NO 284761 ///revisit.wake.complies

Route: Car park - Glen Doll - Davy's Bourach via Jock's Road - Crow Craigies - Tolmount - return to path junction at G.R.: NO 230785 - Glittering Skellies - Bachnagairn - cross footbridge at G.R.: NO 2777789 - Moulzie via east bank of South Esk - cross footbridge at G.R.: NO 282774 - start via west bank
Terrain: Tracks then excellent path to Davy's Bourach, then becoming fainter and intermittent beyond with some boggy sections. Return path from G.R.: NO 230785 is faint or non-existent at first, becoming clearer and waymarked with posts although with a couple more boggy sections. Good tracks and paths beyond Bachnagairn.
Wildlife today: Deer on Sandy Hillock above Bachnagairn, seen from descent at Glittering Skellies. A few ptarmigan on the plateau.
Weather today: Good sunny spells although with large clouds around; warm and dry with a welcome breeze higher up.

[The upper valley of the River South Esk is a wonderful place: perfectly U-shaped and on a huge scale]

Route: Scotland off the beaten track


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