Forres green spaces

[Sanquhar Loch]

Forres may be rich in history, but it's perhaps even richer in its wealth of parks, gardens and floral displays. Large swathes of woodland and open green spaces still extend right into the middle of town, making the southern and eastern outskirts in particular ideal for a peaceful stroll on a sunny day. During summer Grant Park comes alive with a stunning array of floral sculptures: it's little wonder that the town keeps winning Scotland in Bloom awards, although no doubt given a hand by the benign Moray microclimate.

[Grant Park sunken gardens]

Name: Grant Park ☆☆☆
Description: Sunken gardens and neighbouring lawns with stunning floral displays in summer.
Location: High Street, 5-min walk east from Forres centre, G.R.: NJ 042591 / chip duck disgraced

Name: Nelson's Tower ☆☆☆
Description: Early 19th century tower on top of Cluny Hill with superb views from the top, built in memory of Admiral Lord Nelson.
Location: Cluny Hill, 15-min uphill walk east from Forres centre, G.R.: NJ 045591 / deck usual escorting
Open (2017): Afternoons, April to September
Cost (2017): Entry by donation

Name: Sanquhar Loch ☆☆☆
Description: Man made but picturesque pond within woodland on the south side of town.
Location: Sanquhar Road, 15-min walk south from Forres centre, G.R.: NJ 040581 / hockey dive twins

[Flower displays in Grant Park]


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