Kinloss Abbey

Founded in 1150 by King David I, extensions and rebuilding over the following centuries allowed Kinloss Abbey to grow to become one of the largest Cistercian monasteries anywhere in Scotland, also accumulating vast wealth and spawning a number of daughter abbeys. Sounds impressive, but decline followed from the 1500's onwards. Half a century of demise is a long time - only fragments of the abbey exists on the ground today, with of its stone reused elsewhere. Now set within the village cemetery, there's just enough of the building left behind to gain an appreciation of its former magnificence.

[Kinloss Abbey within the village cemetery]

Name: Kinloss Abbey ☆☆☆
Location: B9089 at Kinloss, G.R.: NJ 066615 / irrigated focal prosper
Open: Always
Cost: Free


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