St Andrews Castle & Cathedral

[St Andrews Cathedral]

One of St Andrews' manifold attractions is its wealth of religious history. On the coast and close to the town centre stand the ruined remains of St Andrews Castle and Cathedral. The two sites' histories are closely linked and you can buy a joint ticket covering both sites. There's a lot more to offer beyond the buildings you first see on the ground. A siege carried out by the Earl of Arran in 1546 involved the construction of underground passageways (by both sides) which you can still explore by crawling in places: great fun if you're in an adventurous mood. Meanwhile, the depths of the vaults around the cathedral's south cloister are home to a museum showcasing stone carvings, Pictish stones and gravestones from the site itself and the wider area. Finally, you can climb to the top of the 33-metre St Rule's Church tower: pre-dating even the cathedral buildings.

[St Andrews Castle]

Name: St Andrews Castle ★★☆
Description: Ruined home of the bishops (and later archbishops) of St Andrews since the 13th century.
Location: The Scores, St Andrews, G.R.: NO 513169 ///special.important.small
Open (2019): Daily
Cost (2019): £6 (adults), £3.60 (children), free for Historic Environment Scotland members. Joint ticket with St Andrews Cathedral also available.

Name: St Andrews Cathedral ★☆☆
Description: Ruined 11th century cathedral, once Scotland's largest church.
Location: The Pends, St Andrews, G.R.: NO 515167 ///titles.displays.rare
Open (2019): Daily
Cost (2019): £5 (adults), £3 (children), free for Historic Environment Scotland members. Joint ticket with St Andrews Castle also available.

[St Rule's Tower: part of an even earlier church within the cathedral grounds]


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