St Andrews

[St Andrews from St Rule's Tower]

University town, the home of golf, magnificent ruined cathedral and castle, an attractive coastal setting... St Andrews seems to have got the rub of the green (tee-hee... never mind) when it comes to tourist attractions, even if you don't want to play the world-famous courses. Many visitors find the centre surprisingly small, and it's probably only thanks to the large termtime student population that St Andrews has a bustle about it that's rare in similar-sized Scottish settlements. It's certainly a bit of a bubble, with an almost English feel and in complete contrast to the rest of Fife.

[Approaching St Andrews and East Sands from the south on the Fife Coastal Path (October 2014]

Name: St Andrews ★★☆
Location: G.R.: NO 509167 / butlers butter roaming

Within walking distance

Name: British Golf Museum
Description: Just the museum you'd expect to find in the town that's considered the home of golf.
Location: Bruce Embankment, just north of the centre, G.R.: NO 505171 / areas gathering prep
Open (2017): Daily
Cost (2017): £8 (adults), free for children

Name: St Andrews East Sands ☆☆☆
Description: Small, sandy beach just south of the town harbour.
Location: 5-min walk south of the centre, G.R.: NO 518163 / suddenly amazed comments

Name: St Andrews West Sands ★☆☆
Description: Extensive beach, famously the filming location for the start of Chariots of Fire.
Location: 5-min walk north of the centre, G.R.: NO 504174 / wire alpha tourist

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[St Andrews Cathedral]


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