St Monans

[Harbour at sunset]

So far we've only had the chance to visit the fishing village of St Monans at dusk, which is sadly not long after 4pm at this time of year. Even in the gloaming we could see enough of the beautiful harbour to make us want to come back during proper daylight hours, to further explore the sea front and the old alleyways leading back from it. Just along the coast path to the east is Fife's last surviving windmill, built in the late 18th century in order to pump sea water into nearby salt pans - once a major industry all along the Forth estuary. There are information panels and good views from the top of the spiral staircase inside, but see the info below about access.

[St Monans Windmill]

📌 St Monans ★☆☆
Location: G.R.: NO 526016 ///strut.accompany.melon

Within walking distance

📌 St Monans Windmill ☆☆☆
Location: Coast path, 15-min walk east of the village centre, G.R.: NO 533018 ///aboard.include.paths
Open (2018): Pick up the key from the village Spar & Post Office during opening hours.
Cost (2018): Free (deposit required to collect key)
Anything else? Slightly closer parking at the east end of Rose Street, with a good path to the windmill.


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