[Alford Valley Railway (Haughton Park station)]

A rural village set back from the middle reaches of the River Don, Alford seems a rather unlikely location for a day out at first glance - but there's plenty to do here. An surprisingly extensive and excellent transport museum is the highlight, set up in the 1980's by local enthusiasts and still flourishing. From the other end of the museum car park, a separate miniature railway takes you along the edge of the village golf course into Haughton Country Park. Explore the various lawns, paths and ponds before catching a train back. If you're still looking for things to do, there's even a dry ski slope on the other side of the village.

[Mini Cooper at the Grampian Transport Museum]

Name: Alford Valley Railway ☆☆☆ Website down at time of update.
Description: Narrow gauge railway running about a mile to Haughton Country Park.
Location (Alford station)Off Stewart Road, Alford, G.R.: NJ 579159 / yards ferried seabirds
Open (2016): Weekends, April to Septmber, but daily, July & August
Cost (2016): £4.50 (adults), £3.50 (children)

Name: Grampian Transport Museum ★☆☆
Description: Excellent local transport museum for historic road and rail vehicles.
Location: Off Montgarrie Road, Alford, G.R.: NJ 577161 / rail essay scooter
Open (2017): Daily, late March to late October
Cost (2017): £10 (adults), £1.50 (children)

Name: Haughton Country Park ☆☆☆
Description: 40 hectare park set around Haughton House with riverside, woodland, meadows and play areas.
Location (Haughton House): North side of Alford, G.R.: NJ 583169 / today breached tags
Open: Always
Cost: Free

[View across the Howe of Alford from the Alford Valley Railway]


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