Durness beaches

[Sango Sands]

Whatever the village of Durness may lack in facilities, it more than makes up for in natural beauty. The region's coastline is pockmarked by a series of sandy beaches - stunning even (as in the photo above) at 9pm on a grey evening in April! Two of the most accessible are detailed below - right on the North Coast 500, so a perfect break from the tarmac. Sango Sands are close to the village "centre" and quite popular on sunny days in high season. Tràigh Allt Chàilgeag is a few miles away on the winding coast road next to the abandoned Ceannabeinne Township, only frequented by the opportunist passer-by or well-informed surfer.

[Tràigh Allt Chàilgeag (photo from a few days later]

📌 Sango Sands ★☆☆
Description: Really 3 beaches divided by minor headlands, the middle one directly behind Durness tourist information centre.
Location: Off A838 at Durness, G.R.: NC 408678 ///snug.swims.deluded

📌 Tràigh Allt Chàilgeag ★☆☆
Description: Little-visited, beautiful beach with views to Whiten Head.
Location: A838 3 miles east of Durness, G.R: NC 443656 ///among.bulbs.focus
Anything else? From the car park at G.R.: NC 443653 ///rang.soothing.towels it's a 2-min walk to the beach, on a rough but obvious path leading downhill (obviously!).

[Sango Sands]


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