Pirner's Brig

The wooded banks of the West Water near Edzell Castle have long been a popular local beauty spot. Sadly modern visitors have until recently been prevented from exploring far beyond the picnic benches due to the closure of Pirner's Brig: named after the pirn in weaving terminology, this being the business of the bridge's benefactor. This rusting crossing is now open again (or was on our visit anyway), with a path leading upstream into quieter surroundings on the other side. After following the top of a shallow gorge for about half a kilometre, you'll be able to descend to a set of unnamed but attractive rapids, no doubt spectacular in spate.

[Rapids just upstream from Pirner's Brig at a time of low water levels]

Name: Pirner's Brig ☆☆☆
Location (rapids): West Water, accessed from minor road a mile east of Edzell, G.R.: NO 573689 ///handrail.doubts.losses
Anything else? From the car park at G.R.: NO 578689 ///gratitude.loom.pounce cross the footbridge over the West Water and follow a clear but narrow path right (east) for about 10 mins to the rapids in the photo above.


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