Smoo Cave

[Smoo Cave]

It doesn't take long to run out of indoor options around Durness during a run of bad weather days. But have you thought about heading underground? The breathtaking entrance to Smoo Cave would be a major tourist attraction anywhere further south, but its remote location has helped it remain a relative secret. The entrance is awesome: a dramatic rock amphitheatre with a 50 foot-high, 130 foot-wide "mouth" beckoning you in. From the gaping jaws of the cavern, wooden walkways lead to an interior chamber, with a waterfall clearly visible from which water from the Allt Smoo plunges into the cave. If you're lucky with the weather (and water levels), short tours by boat and foot take intrepid explorers further into the depths.

[Waterfall chamber - this is the furthest you can explore by foot]

📌 Smoo Cave ★★☆
Location: A838 a mile east of Durness, G.R.: NC 419671 ///neck.lamplight.raft
Open (2019): First section of cave: always; Inner cave boat trip: daily, April to September
Cost (2019): First section of cave: free; Inner cave boat trip: £6 (adults), £3 (children)
Anything else? From the car park, steps descend 30 metres or so to the cave entrance. Boat tours only run when water levels in the cave chambers are low enough: problematic especially after heavy rain or strong westerly or southerly winds.

[A covered walkway takes you to the waterfall chamber]


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