Museum of Scottish Lighthouses

[Kinnaird Head lighthouse lens]

The Museum of Scottish Lighthouses is a truly excellent museum, and the coastal town of Fraserburgh's shining light - literally. The main part of the museum has an impressive series of exhibits and galleries about, well, lighthouses, their history and how they work, but you don't need to be a lighthouse obsessive to find it interesting. The actual lighthouse at Kinnaird Head is also next door, on the headland marking the far north-eastern point of Aberdeenshire, and uniquely housed on top of a 16th century castle! Guided tours take you right to the top, with the excellent views you'd expect from any lighthouse.

[Kinnaird Head lighthouse]

Name: Museum of Scottish Lighthouses ★★☆
Location: Kinnaird Head, north side of Fraserburgh, G.R.: NJ 999675 / decisions lifted vase
Open (2017): Daily, April to October; Tuesday to Sunday, November to March
Cost (2017): £7.70 (adults), £3.30 (children)

[View over Fraserburgh harbour from Kinnaird Head lighthouse]


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