Edinburgh Butterfly & Insect World

[Butterfly Crossing!]

Edinburgh's own tropical, insect paradise is found close to the ring road next to a large garden centre. It probably won't set your heart a-flutter, but its easily accessible location means you can tag it onto the end of the day on your way back to the city. The list of species extends beyond butterflies - terrapins, quail and snakes are just a few of the other animals you're likely to come across around the large building. Worthwhile for kids and insectophiles alike.

[Edinburgh Butterfly & Insect World]

📌 Edinburgh Butterfly & Insect World ★☆☆
Location: A772 a mile north of Eskbank, G.R.: NT 313675 ///fish.pace.rock
Open (2019): Daily
Cost (2019): £7.95 (adults), £5.95 (children)

[Butterfly pupae]


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