Glen Esk

[Hill of Rowan, seen from the south side of Glen Esk at Dalbrack]

The road north from Edzell winds for 15 unhurried miles into the heart of the Cairngorms. Tarfside is the capital by default - it's pretty much the only settlement, with a tiny school but no shop. All the Angus Glens are lovely, but Glen Esk probably offers the widest variety of attractions, with an interesting folk museum, ruined castle and the prominent Maule Monument as well as more serious hill walks. Not to mention the Queen's Well and Balnamoon's Cave even further up the glen. Lots to explore here amongst beautiful surroundings, and usually delightfully quiet.

[Loch Lee and the upper reaches of Glen Esk, seen from Cairn Lick (November 2011)]

Name: Glen Esk Folk Museum ☆☆☆
Description: Interesting museum documenting Glen Esk and Angus country life, with a decent cafe.
Location: Minor road a mile east of Tarfside, G.R.: NO 509789 ///impresses.oatmeal.branch
Open (2018): Daily
Cost: Free

Name: Invermark Castle ☆☆☆
Description: Tall tower house ruin probably dating to the 16th century - note the first floor entrance door, which would have been accessed by a wooden drawbridge.
Location: Minor road end 4 miles west of Tarfside, G.R.: NO 442804 ///boils.alarm.blackbird
Open: Always (exterior only)
Cost: Free
Anything else? From the large car park just before Lochlee Parish Church, continue along the road on foot about 400 metres to the castle - it deteriorates to a track midway.

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>> see separate post for Walk: Magnificent Maskeldie & Glen Lee waterfalls ★★★★
>> see separate post for Walk: Queen's Well & an expedition to Balnamoon's Cave ★☆☆

[Invermark Castle (May 2014)]


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