This well-kept Victorian spa town nestles in one of the quiet glens spidering out from the Cromarty Firth, overlooked by Knockfarrel Ridge. Where our photos went from our visit to the town remains a mystery. Trains used to bring in health tourists in their thousands in the late 1800's and early 1900's: the railway is now gone but the station remains, converted into the interesting Highland Museum of Childhood. Sasperillas Soda Fountain diner / ice cream shop seems to be the most modern part of Strathpeffer by several decades. Conversely, the Pictish symbol stone in a field just off the high street pre-dates all of it by well over a thousand years. The visionary Brahan Seer prophecised that Strath Peffer would be flooded if the stone fell over three times. It's since toppled twice, and sea levels are on the rise thanks to global warming. Perhaps it's fortunate that it's now firmly concreted down!

[Strathpeffer from Knockfarrel Ridge]

Name: Strathpeffer ★☆☆
Location: G.R.: NH 483581 / nightlife symphonic activity

Name: Clach an Tiompain ☆☆☆ (Sounding Stone)
Description: Pictish symbol stone carved with the unmistakeable body of an eagle - also known as the Eagle Stone.
Location: Few-minute signposted walk from the lower, north end of the high street, G.R.: NH 485585 / steady towns installs
Open: Always
Cost: Free

Name: Highland Museum of Childhood ☆☆☆
Description: Small museum bursting at the seams with toys and exhibits about the history of children in the Highlands.
Location: Strathpeffer old railway station, G.R.: NH 486584 / chin nutty eyeful
Open (2017): Daily, June to August; Monday to Saturday, April to May & September to October
Cost (2017): £3 (adults), £1.75 (children)

>> see separate post for Walk: A-maze-ing views on Knockfarrel Ridge ★☆☆


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