Berriedale bay

[Mouth of Berriedale Water]

Good progress along the A9 coast road is rudely interrupted by the vertiginous descent into and re-ascent from Berriedale Braes - lorries reduced to a crawl as they struggle to negotiate a series of tight hairpin bends on the northern side. Given most eyes are firmly on the road at this point, it's easy to miss the fact there's a village nestling in the valley folds here too. A lack of signposting seems to suggest that the locals like it this way, but the secluded bay by the mouth of Berriedale Water is an exquisite spot well worth seeking out. The whitewashed row of houses and tumbling burn here are overlooked by ruined Berriedale Castle on the cliffs above.

[Berriedale beach, with Berriedale Castle on the cliffs above]

📌 Berriedale bay ★☆☆
Location: River mouth, Berriedale village, G.R.: ND 120225 ///tracks.backup.chiefs
Anything else? Access is by an unsigned minor road on the right when heading north on the A9, just before the bridge over Berriedale Water. Once you've found somewhere to park, a suspension footbridge accesses the beach on the other side of the river.

[Sea caves at Berriedale bay]


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