[Helmsdale harbour]

Helmsdale's small size belies its regional importance: it's population of well under a thousand still makes it the largest settlement in the great swathe of coastline and countryside between Brora to the south, Wick to the north-east and Thurso to the north. The village first grew up as a resettlement location for evicted inland crofters during the notorious Highland Clearances, with a busy harbour once home to one of the world's largest herring fleets. Find out about all this and more in the excellent Timespan Museum, close to the village centre.

[River Helmsdale]

📌 Helmsdale ☆☆☆
Location: G.R.: ND 027154 ///continued.glue.sniff

Within walking distance

📌 Timespan ★☆☆
Description: Excellent museum, art gallery and community hub showcasing the region's heritage and history, logically laid out through time.
Location: Dunrobin Street, village centre, G.R.: ND 026154 ///highlighted.nagging.landscape
Open (2018): Daily, March to October; Tuesday afternoons & weekends, November to February
Cost (2018): £4 (adults), £2 (children)

[East end of the village]


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