Walk: Walk it off up the Dounies

[View from Rothes Castle]

There's often a bit of a quandary over what to do after a whisky tasting if you're not quite fit to drive. Scotland's recently toughened drink driving laws have brought the issue into the limelight again, but if you're staggering out from Glen Grant Distillery in Rothes, never fear. Enter from stage right: The Dounies! These intimate, deep glens stretching back behind neighbouring Glenrothes Distillery are full of wildlife and waterfalls (and the distillery's water source), perfect for exploration. If you return via the hillside golf course, you'll pass the single remaining wall of Rothes Castle - not worth a visit by itself, but pre-dating the town by some way.

[For some reason I didn't take any photos in the Dounies - this view of Back Burn next door gives an idea of what to expect]

📌 Walk: Walk it off up the Dounies ☆☆☆
Length: 5 km / 3 miles
Ascent: 140 metres
Points of interest: Glenrothes Distillery; Muckle (big) Dounie; Little Dounie; The Linn waterfall; Rothes Castle; Glen Spey Distillery
Start / finish: Street parking near bridge over Burn of Rothes, Rothes centre, G.R.: NJ 278492 ///tripped.diner.basics
Anything else? Neither Glenrothes Distillery nor Glen Spey Distillery are open to the public, although you can get quite close to both on this walk.

Route: Start - Glenrothes Distillery - Muckle Dounie - Little Doune - The Linn - Rothes Golf Club - Rothes Castle - start
Terrain: Good earthy footpaths and clear tracks - walking boots shouldn't be required.
Wildlife today: Just forest birds and sheep - but look out for red squirrels.
Weather today: Mostly cloudy but dry; humid with little wind.

📌 Rothes Castle ★☆☆☆
Description: Early 13th century ruined castle overlooking Rothes village.
Location: Just off the access road to Rothes Golf Course, G.R.: NJ 277490 ///wiring.decent.distilled
Open: Always
Cost: Free

[Glen Spey Distillery]

Route credit: Walkhighlands (modified)


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