Walk: Holborn Head a-Hoy!

[Return to Scrabster]

You'll probably hope the scenery's going to get better as you leave decidedly functional Scrabster. Fortunately that's not hard: all seems right with the world again once you pass the little lighthouse at the port's northern end, and sheep soon outnumber ships once again. 3 miles of excellent coastal scenery starts here, with numerous stacks, arches, high cliffs and layered rock formations looking like place mats stacked on top of each other. Orkney is also well seen from here, including the famous Old Man of Hoy sea stack. Don't forget to watch your feet as well - uneven surfaces and big drops mean a slip here could be very bad news. Plus those random blowholes just waiting to swallow you up...

[Clett stack]

Name: Walk: Holborn Head a-Hoy! ★★☆
Length: 7 km / 4 miles
Ascent: 120 metres
Points of interest: Holborn Head coastline
Start / finish: Car park at Scrabster Harbour, G.R.: ND 100703 ///hikes.storms.glimmers

Route: Car park - Scrabster lighthouse - Holborn Head - Spear Head - Heron Craig - Nells Cottage - start
Terrain: Paths mostly on short grass and occasionally very close to cliff edges; track then minor road for return.
Wildlife today: Sheep, some worryingly close to the cliff edges; a few seabirds.
Weather today: Mostly sunny with a stiff breeze.

[Inlet at Heron Craig]

Route credit: Walkhighlands (modified)


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