Carnasserie Castle

[Carnasserie Castle]

Dating from the mid-16th century, Carnasserie Castle is young in comparison to the other main tourist sites here in Kilmartin Glen: the numerous amazing burial cairns and ancient stones in the lower reaches of the valley pre-date the castle by thousands of years. Perhaps as a result of its more illustrious neighbours, visitors to the castle are fairly few - but they're missing out on a substantial tower house (5 storeys' worth - not to be sniffed at), still largely complete and offering good views into the glen's narrow upper reaches.

[Carnasserie Castle]

Name: Carnasserie Castle ★☆☆
Location: A816 a mile north of Kilmartin village, G.R.: NM 839008 ///sugars.scramble.robes
Open: Always
Cost: Free

[View over a moody Kilmartin Glen from the castle]


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