[Yes, this place does exist - although the sign has a tendency to go missing]

There's a unique secret hiding away in Glen Nochty, reached by minor roads and tracks from deepest Strathdon. The seriously remote Lost Gallery couldn't be more aptly named - it's difficult enough to find even if over-enthusiastic tourists haven't recently stolen the "Lost" road sign pointing the way from Bellabeg. By the turnoff, there's a parking area for the prominent mound known as the Doune of Invernochty. A Norman castle once stood on top: although almost nothing remains today, the earthworks are still impressive and easily climbed (steeply).

[Reaching Lost Gallery involves following rough tracks through scenic Glen Nochty]

Name: Doune of Invernochty ☆☆☆
Description: Prominent motte on which a 12th century castle once stood.
Location: A944 at Bellabeg, Strathdon, G.R.: NJ 352129 / intend dizziness landmark
Open: Always
Cost: Free

Name: Lost Gallery ☆☆☆
Description: Tiny art gallery in an amazingly remote location.
Location: Nearly 2 miles west of Glen Nochty, G.R.: NJ 312158 / conceals retained vital
Open (2017): Wednesday to Monday
Cost: Free
Anything else? Approach is along over a mile of rough forestry tracks - drive carefully.

[Doune of Invernochty]


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