Den o' Alyth

[Den o' Alyth]

If you go down to the woods west of Alyth today, you're sure of a nice surprise - a dark and verdant gorge through which the Alyth Burn flows on its way into the village. Paths run along or close to each bank from near the car park, westwards for about a mile to the Bridge of Tully; beyond, you can continue a little way on the north side. It's the sort of place where it's fun to just wander around aimlessly, sheltered from the elements on a wild day.

[Alyth Burn]

📌 Den o' Alyth ★☆☆
Location (car park): Just west of Alyth centre, G.R.: NO 236487 ///jungle.bounding.plant
Anything else? Wide paths can be muddy and leaf-strewn - they don't really get any sunlight. Steep gradients if you go away from the burn.

[Steep sides in the middle part of the glen]


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