[Scalloway Castle]

Scalloway is the second best rainy-day destination in these far-flung parts - tiny by anywhere but local standards but the biggest place on Shetland's Atlantic coast. It was once the capital of the Shetland Islands, it definitely now plays second fiddle to larger Lerwick but has its own excellent museum and a large castle on the edge of town. It's also the sort of place (or at least it was in 2014) where you can have a two-course lunch with a drink and still come away with change from a fiver. Amazing.

[Scalloway Castle interior]

📌 Scalloway Castle ★☆☆
Description: Foreboding castle ruin dating to 1600, built by the much-feared Earl of Orkney.
Location: 5-min walk south-east from the centre, G.R.: HU 404392 ///ferried.smug.taken
Open (2018): Access by key from Scalloway Museum (see below for opening hours)
Cost: Free

📌 Scalloway Museum ☆☆☆
Description: Fairly large museum focussing on Scalloway's history and the WWII Shetland Bus - opened in 2011.
Location: 5-min walk south-east from the centre, G.R.: HU 405393 ///
Open (2018): Daily, late January to early February & mid-April to September
Cost (2018): £3 (adults), £1 (children)


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