Walk: Take the chain to Ness of Burgi

[Looking north towards Scatness from the Ness of Burgi]

Right at the end of one of Shetland's most southerly headland, uninhabited and almost completely cut off from the mainland by rocky cliffs, the Ness of Burgi is extremely remote and yet simultaneously eminently accessible - the island's main airport is barely a mile from the start of this walk. Access to the iron age blockhouse is impeded by a clamber across a jagged rocky causeway just above sea level - straightforward on a sunny and calm day, exciting on a stormy one. Given its geographical position this is a ideal last trip before catching a flight back to day-to-day life. The stunning views towards Fair Isle, Sumburgh Head and Fitful Head will leave you eager to return.

[A chain aids the rocky traverse onto the Ness]

📌 Walk: Take the chain to Ness of Burgi ★☆☆
Length: 3 km / 2 miles
Ascent: 40 metres
Points of interest: Ness of Burgi
Start / finish: South end of Scatness village, G.R.: HU 388099 ///retina.crab.novels

Route: Start - Ness of Burgi headland and blockhouse
Terrain: Grassy track at start fades as the headland narrows. Rocky causeway with a superfluous chain for balance accesses the southernmost part of the headland and blockhouse.
Wildlife today: Just a few seabirds and sheep.
Weather today: Sunny (not forecast!), temperature in low teens with a moderate breeze.

📌 Ness of Burgi ★☆☆
Description: Remote, iron age blockhouse fort at the end of a rocky peninsula.
Location: A mile south of Scatness on foot, G.R.: HU 388084 ///chills.tennis.crinkled
Open: Always
Cost: Free
Anything else? Quickest (and only) access is by using the walk route described here.

[Ness of Burgi, Fitful Head in the distance]

Route credit: Scotland off the beaten track


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