[Callander House]

The town of Falkirk (Speckled Church) sits almost exactly in the centre of the triangle connecting Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling. Good road and rail links mean it's one of the best non-city bases for exploring the Central Belt. As a settlement in its own right though, it's often overlooked by tourists. Spend a little time locally and you'll discover an attractive shopping district surrounded by a variety of tourist attractions, ranging from a beautiful stately home within acres of landscaped grounds, to easygoing canal walks, a key Roman Fort on the Antonine Wall, a slick new urban park and the Falkirk Wheel: one of the most striking pieces of modern architecture in Scotland. The various attraction are listed below.

[View from the top of the Falkirk Wheel (November 2015)]

Name: Falkirk ☆☆☆
Location: G.R.: NS 888799 ///fame.piper.invest

[Steeple on Falkirk High Street (November 2015)]

Within walking distance

Name: Callendar House & Park ★☆☆
Description: Chateau-like mansion with sections dating to the 14th century, partially converted into a council-owned museum, set amongst extensive grounds.
Location: 15-min walk east of the town centre, G.R.: NS 899793 ///pinch.cafe.pram
Open (2018): House: Wednesday to Monday. Park: always
Cost: Free

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[Lock Sixteen on the Forth & Clyde Canal (November 2015)]


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[Restored 1825 kitchen in Callander House]


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