Glasgow Cathedral Precinct

[Glasgow Cathedral and Necropolis from the St Mungo Museum]

The district dominated by Glasgow Cathedral's brooding hulk is often neglected by tourists visiting the city, but it's only a 15-minute walk from the city centre, so don't be lazy. Several interesting attractions are scattered around the cathedral precinct, including an newish museum and nearly Glasgow's oldest house (probably pre-dated by Provan Hall further to the east). Hundreds of grand stone memorials pepper the skyline to the east - a cemetery seems an unappealing place to explore unless you have personal connections, but it's visually one of the most impressive in Europe.

[Provand's Lordship]

Name: Glasgow Cathedral ★★☆
Description: The city's Church of Scotland cathedral, maintained by Historic Scotland.
Location: Castle Street, Glasgow, G.R.: NS 603656 / sing closes dined
Open: Daily
Cost: Free
Public transport: Train (High Street), 600 metres; bus, <200 metres

Name: Glasgow Necropolis ★☆☆
Description: Vast (37 acre) Victorian cemetery on a hill overlooking the cathedral: full of grand memorials, monuments and tombs and where over 50,000 people are buried
Location (summit): 5-min walk east from the cathedral, G.R.: NS 605655 / shine flip humble
Open (2017): Always, plus infrequent guided tours - see website
Cost: Free
Public transport: Train (High Street), 500 metres; bus, <200 metres

Name: Provand's Lordship ★☆☆
Description: Nearly the oldest house in Glasgow - originally a medieval hospital building.
Location: Castle Street, Glasgow, G.R.: NS 601654 / error claim wide
Open (2017): Tuesday to Sunday
Cost: Free
Public transport: Train (High Street), 300 metres; bus, <200 metres

Name: St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art ★☆☆
Description: Large, modern museum with exhibitions about the adjacent cathedral, all the major world religions, and Scottish and religious art.
Location: Castle Street, Glasgow, G.R.: NS 601655 / water aspect youth
Open (2017): Tuesday to Sunday
Cost: Free
Public transport: Train (High Street), 400 metres; bus, <200 metres

[Glasgow Cathedral backed by the Royal Infirmary, seen from the Necropolis]


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