Chesters Hill Fort

[View towards Berwick Law from Chesters Hill Fort]

Chesters Hill Fort's grassy, 2,000 year-old earthworks command outstanding views over East Lothian and were possibly once a base for the iron age Votadini tribe. The roughly circular ramparts probably used to encircle several houses, some still faintly visible in between all the grazing cows. You can't help thinking that the fort's position at the bottom of a higher hill was a pretty poor defensive choice; Historic Scotland suggest that this was a site "designed more for prestige than protection".

[Cows at the fort]

📌 Chesters Hill Fort ☆☆☆
Description: Earthworks of an iron age hill fort - the views towards Berwick Law are a large part of the appeal.
Location: Minor road a mile south of Drem, G.R.: NT 505782 ///mentioned.indeed.escape
Open: Always
Cost: Free


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