[Lennoxlove House]

Haddington is an affluent market town, formerly a staging post on the Great North Road. It's also the county capital of East Lothian and is home to Scotland's largest parish church: St Mary's, next to the 16th century arches of Nungate Bridge over the River Tyne. Comfortably separated from the town by parkland is Lennoxlove, the seat of the Dukes of Hamilton and worth touring.

[St Mary's Church (September 2014)]

Name: Haddington ☆☆☆
Location: G.R.: NT 515739 / knee soft public

Within walking distance

Name: St Mary's Church (Haddington) ★☆☆
Description: Scotland's longest parish church - all but the nave restored from ruins in the 1970s.
Location: Sidegate, south of Haddington centre, G.R.: NT 519936 / loved cake composers
Open (2017): Generally afternoons, May to September
Cost: Free


Name: Lennoxlove House ★☆☆ (1 mile away)
Description: 15th century tower with various later additions, extensive grounds and the Hamilton family home.
Location: B6369 a mile south of Haddington, G.R.: NT 515721 / move bucks bounty
Open (2017): Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday afternoons, Easter to October
Cost (2017): £8 (adults), free for children

[Lennoxlove House (this corner was originally the standalone Lethington Tower)]


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