Lennoxlove House

[Lennoxlove House]

Comfortably separated by parkland from the town of Haddington is Lennoxlove, a 15th century mansion and the seat of the Dukes of Hamilton. Formerly a tower house called Lethington Tower, the original tower has been incorporated into an several-times-expanded, grand residence which is still lived in today. Despite this, tours run a few days a week over the summer months, taking in a varied set of public rooms (including a very impressive, vaulted Great Hall) and luxurious bedrooms. Unfortunately, no photos were permitted during our tour.

[This corner of the house was originally the standalone Lethington Tower]

📌 Lennoxlove House ★☆☆
Location: B6369 a mile south of Haddington, G.R.: NT 515721 ///move.bucks.bounty
Open (2018): Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday afternoons, Easter to late October
Cost (2018): £10

[Lennoxlove House]


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