Scone Palace

[Scone Palace]

"The crowning place of Scottish Kings!" declare the leaflets for Scone Palace. This is one of the Scotland's best known visitor attractions, where indeed coronations were held for almost all Scottish Kings in the 500 years up to James IV in 1488. A house tour reveals the suitably opulent interior, including the longest room in Scotland and a huge library. Meanwhile, one hundred acres of grounds are surely equally worthy of your time, peacocks strolling over manicured lawns and around the chapel with a replica of the Stone of Scone (used for coronations) in front. Doesn't it sound magnificent? Well, we were (slightly) underwhelmed. Perhaps this was partly as a result of the grey skies and time of season, but other "A-list" historic buildings in Scotland somehow maintain more atmosphere. Nevertheless, the history might prove too much of a draw for you to resist a visit...

[Scone Palace chapel (background) - peacocks roam freely around the grounds]

Name: Scone Palace ★☆☆
Location: A93 a mile north of Perth, G.R.: NO 113266 / conspire impose mutual
Open (2017): Palace: April to October. Grounds: all palace open days plus Friday to Sunday for most other weeks except over Christmas & New Year period
Cost (2017): £11 (adults), £8 (children) for all-inclusive ticket; grounds free if palace is closed.

[Scone Palace from the Old Scone gate]


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