Bangour Village Hospital

[Bangour Village Hospital spreads over a huge 960 acre site]

Ever woken up one day and felt like visiting an vast, abandoned psychiatric hospital? Head to Bangour Village Hospital, which has lain derelict since 2004. Up to over 3,000 patients lived here at any one time, and the site is correspondingly massive. Especially chilling are items which underline the huge scale of the place - rusting bus stops, a huge church, and dozens of derelict villas which used to house patients. But small things might also give you the chills, such as noticing the the fonts on signposts exactly match those of current NHS hospitals. And finally, the more abstract, such as the scrawling red graffiti on one of the villas: "My mum put me here!"

[Genuine graffiti or not, it's chilling enough...]

📌 Bangour Village Hospital ☆☆☆
Location (parking): A89 3 miles north of Livingston centre, G.R.: NT 033705 ///ground.handicaps.ruins
Open: Always
Cost: Free
Anything else? 960 acres takes a long time to explore fully, but head straight on from the access road to reach the hospital's heart. Access was unrestricted on foot when we visited, but development plans are constantly put forward for the site, so this may change suddenly. You can't access the building's crumbling interiors, and security guards may stop you if you try.

[Danger! Keep out!]

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