Five Sisters Zoo

[Walk-through aviaries allow you to get extremely close to the birds]

It's not flashy, it doesn't have pandas, and the potholes in the car park are bigger than some of the animals. But Five Sisters Zoo is a viable alternative to the more popular and expensive Edinburgh Zoo. Highlights include a walk-through aviary, a great new reptile house and some "big-name" animals including brown bears, arctic wolves, newly-arrived lions and numerous monkeys. The Scottish wildcat puts in an appearance too. The middle of the site contains a playground and small fairground rides, but you don't need to be, or have, a child to enjoy the rest of the place.


📌 Five Sisters Zoo ★★★☆
Location: Gavieside, West Calder, G.R.: NT 023643 ///puppy.thickens.storming
Open (2018): Daily
Cost (2018): £11.95 (adults), £9.95 (children)
Anything else? Signposting to the zoo is poor - check the link above or the zoo website for directions before you leave.

[What are those funny humans doing?]


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