Balvaird Castle

[Balvaird Castle]

Before the M90 was built, travellers passing south through the eastern Ochil Hills had to wind their way through the wooded depths of Glen Farg. Balvaird Castle has been standing guard on a hilltop just to the south since around 1500, today set imposingly above the A912 in open countryside. You can't usually see the interior but make no mistake - this is still a romantic, characterful ruin with plenty to see even from the outside. A short drive to the north, we recommend the Bein Inn in Glen Farg for excellent pub food, though it's been taken over by new management since our last visit.

[The castle from the east]

📌 Balvaird Castle ☆☆☆
Location (car park): A912 south of Glen Farg, G.R.: NO 170115 ///tour.suffer.developed
Open: Always (usually exterior only)
Cost: Free
Anything else? The castle is a 5-min uphill walk from the large car park.

[The castle from the approach path]


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