Burleigh Castle

[Burleigh Castle]

Holding the actual keys to a castle is a nice feeling, and one that you can get when you visit this oddly-shaped place on the outskirts of Milnathort. The doors to the castle are usually locked, but you can phone ahead asking to pick up the keys, after which you can explore the interior of both towers. Like many castles, Burleigh was expanded and altered over the centuries, but here the result is unique - the south-west tower is particularly appealing.

[South-west tower]

📌 Burleigh Castle ☆☆☆
Location: A911, east side of Milnathort, G.R.: NO 129046 ///worked.woven.community
Open (2018): Exterior: always. Interior: April to October by appointment only
Cost: Free


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