Deanston Distillery

[Deanston Distillery]

No pagoda chimneys, no obvious whisky clues except the barrels by the entrance and the sign on the wall... Deanston Distillery looks nothing like a traditional distillery. But you shouldn't always judge a building by its exterior: the uncompromising architecture isn't ideal if this is the only distillery you'll ever visit, but otherwise Deanston makes an interesting change from the norm. And inside, things are pleasingly old-fashioned. The building started out as a cotton mill in 1785, powered by the fast-flowing River Teith alongside. As demand and corresponding production declined through the early 20th century the river was instrumental again, making it suitable for conversion into a distillery in 1966. The visitor centre opened in 2012; tours are excellent and start with a slick film about the site's heritage.

[River Teith at Deanston Distillery (December 2015)]

Name: Deanston Distillery ★☆☆
Location: Minor road, east end of Deanston, G.R.: NN 716015 ///clothed.dated.riverside
Open (2018): Daily
Cost (2018): £9+ depending on tour type

[Barrels piled high outside (November 2016)]

[Mash tuns (November 2016)]

[Mash tun]



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