Rosyth Castle

[Rosyth Castle - tower house]

Only in Scotland could an international ferry terminal and Naval Base have a castle plonked in the middle of it - and you can still visit it! Of course, the 15th century ruin easily predates the shipping activities here at Rosyth, originally on a tidal island in the Forth estuary (a bit like nearby Cramond Island today) before more recent land reclamation took place. Today it's set by a roundabout in the midst of industrial, immediately before restricted access areas manned by security guards. When we approached one of them we half expected to be sent packing - instead, he supplied us with sheets of information about the castle from inside the booth and waved us on!

[Rosyth Castle]

📌 Rosyth Castle ☆☆☆
Location: Murray Road, Rosyth Europarc, G.R.: NT 109821 ///shipped.votes.reshaping
Open: Always, but probably best to visit during business hours to avoid looking suspicious!
Cost: Free
Anything else? Follow signs to Port of Rosyth from the North Queensferry junction of the A90. Informal parking by the roundabout next to the castle. Worth checking access is OK at the security booth next to the castle before you walk in (you might get some information about the castle here too).


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