[Birnam, seen from Birnam Hill]

Birnam and Dunkeld sit apart like two quarrelling twins either side of the majestic seven-span bridge over the River Tay. You could call them arch rivals perhaps. If Dunkeld is the popular, noisy sibling, Birnam is quieter and more refined, sitting in the shadow of Birnam Hill. The village has its own set of places to eat, the area's railway station, and a varied set of attractions - some stemming from the pens of William Shakespeare and Beatrix Potter respectively.

[Banks of the River Tay at Birnam]

📌 Birnam ☆☆☆
Location: G.R.: NO 032419 ///frightens.eager.muffin

Within walking distance

📌 Beatrix Potter Exhibition & Garden ☆☆☆
Description: Small exhibition dedicated to the author housed in the fancy Birnam Arts & Conference Centre, with neighbouring garden. Good for children.
Location: Station Road, village centre, G.R.: NO 031418 ///thrilled.mild.receiving
Open (2018): Daily
Cost (2018): Exhibition: £3; Garden: Free

📌 The Birnam Oak ☆☆☆
Description: Huge, ancient survivor from the once extensive Birnam Wood, celebrated in Shakespeare's Macbeth.
Location: 5-min walk north from the centre (access from Oak Road), G.R.: NO 032422 ///narrates.form.fakes

>> Walk: Birnam Hill - peace by the A9 ★★☆

[The Birnam Oak]


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