Guisachan waterfall

[Guisachan waterfall]

The road through the pretty village of Tomich leads to more friendly, intimate terrain than the northern branch to Glen Affric. This is most definitely waterfall country though, and the falls are anything but intimate. This hidden spectacle near ruined Guisachan House is far higher than Dog Falls, easier to get to than Plodda Falls, and should be far quieter than both. Caution - the bottom is a long way down, and if you fall over the edge you certainly won't be coming back up. There is a bridge over the falls which would have been a brilliant viewpoint in the past... shame it doesn't have a base to it any longer.

[In the past, this rusting bridge would have been perfect for viewing the falls... not any longer]

📌 Guisachan waterfall ★★☆
Location: Near minor, unsurfaced road southwest of Tomich, G.R.: NH 290249 ///however.risky.prettiest
Anything else? No car park, but space for cars on the side of the unsurfaced road. Road probably not recommended for vehicles with low ground clearance - large potholes. Waterfall is about 20 metres from road in woodland. Large, unguarded drops with no path.

[Guisachan waterfall]


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