RSPB Loch Ruthven

[Loch Ruthven]

There are only about 30 breeding pairs of Slavonian Grebe in the UK, and almost all of them congregate at Loch Ruthven each summer. Quite why this unassuming body of water is the location of choice is a mystery, but the loch's isolated setting between craggy hills keeps it free from excessive human disturbance. A hide on the shoreline is maintained by the RSPB. From April to June the grebes don summer plumage, although on our visit the single Slavonian Grebe visible was too far away to capture a decent photo. You'll just have to go and see them yourself.

[Path from car park to Loch Ruthven]

📌 RSPB Loch Ruthven ★☆☆
Location (car park): Minor road a mile west of Croachy, G.R.: NH 638281 ///pavilions.prettiest.owned
Anything else? It's about 500 metres from the car park to the hide, on a narrow footpath with boardwalks, across open ground then through woodland.

[Slavonian Grebe (honest!)]


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