Scotstarvit Tower

[Scotstarvit Tower]

Despite slightly awkward access arrangements, Scotstarvit Tower is well worth nipping over to from nearby Hill of Tarvit - you have to pick up the key from there anyway. Turn the key, lift the latch (or something) and hey presto: it's almost like you're the owner of a 16th century tower house, originally built by the Inglis family but significantly altered by Sir John Scot after he bought the estate in 1611. The 6 floors are rather bare in layout - apparently reflecting the character of the later owner - but well preserved thanks to Historic Environment Scotland, and you can climb all the way up to parapet level. Surrounding trees make taking photos of the exterior quite tricky, with the best view probably from the approach track.

[View from close up]

📌 Scotstarvit Tower ☆☆☆
Location: Off A916 a mile north of Craigrothie, G.R.: NO 370113 ///windmills.remarked.indicated
Open (2019): Officially daily, April to October, but you need to pick up a key from Hill of Tarvit which has slightly different opening times.
Cost: Free
Anything else? Park at Hill of Tarvit (see above) - from here it's a 15-min walk along a track to the tower.


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