Walk: Am Meallan - upper Affric teaser

[The short but steep path to the viewpoint rewards with exceptional views up the glen]

Well done on making it this far, to the end of the tarmac in Glen Affric. Surely a 15-minute walk can't be worth a drive twice that long from the nearest village? Well you'd be wrong, and the incredibly tame chaffinches seal the deal... and deplete your meagre lunch rations. The drive here is epic enough, but the dramatic views from the top of this tiny hill show that this is only the beginning of the glen proper. Easily combined with a wander along the Garbh-uisge.

[Hungry chaffinch at the car park]

📌 Walk: Am Meallan - upper Affric teaser ★★☆
▶ <1 km / <1 mile | ▲ 30 metres | ⌚ Short walk
Main summits: Am Meallan viewpoint (280 metres)
Start / finish: Car park at Glen Affric road end, G.R.: NH 201234 ///insulated.living.daylight
Anything else? Car park has a charge but tickets are usable at all Forestry Commission car parks.

Route: Car park - Am Meallan viewpoint - start. Loop waymarked in white (see River Affric section here), but hardly needs to be.
Terrain: Well-made, but steep, narrow footpath with steps.
Wildlife today: Notably tame chaffinches greeting each new car arriving, happy to sit on our hands to eat crumbs.
Weather today: Sunny intervals, moderate breeze. Creeping into double figures, but fresh snow on the higher hills.

[Wait your turn...]

Route credit: Forestry Commission


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